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Summer 2019


Fit and Faithful Living - Dallas City of Learning

Summer camp location:

Oak Cliff Boys & Girls Club of Greater Dallas

2907 Linfield Road

Dallas, TX 75216

Dates:  July 8th-20th

Time: 9:00am-12noon

Note: Our camps are FREE and open to ages 7-19.   Because we are a partner of Boys & Girls Club of Greater Dallas you must me a club member in order to participate in our FREE camps. If your child is not a  member, please call the club at 214.372.4661 to become a member.

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Our Programs and Classes

Indoor Gardens


In 2018, FFL introduced Jonas Garden program.  Named for co-founder Reggie Dupard’s father, the Jonas Garden resides in a Tower Garden that can be used in indoor and outdoor spaces, allowing students and adults to grow food from beginning to end.  Kids eat what they grow !  For information about how you, a family or an organization can qualify for a Tower Garden, call our office at (214) 397-7400.

Mentorship/Life Coaching


Mentoring and life coaching in groups or one on one is offered to students of all ages.   They will gain clarity about what they want, improve confidence, overcome obstacles, fears and insecurities.  Recognize possibilities, create plans to reach their goals and have someone as a champion to help discover their life purpose.

Leadership & Vision


We start introducing our community youth to enrichment/vision trips as early as 8 years old. These trips are valuable to individuals because students learn there are other ways to improve on life. Our ambassadors are now setting goals for college and take less risks at making bad decisions because they have a future to look forward to.

College Tours


Education tours to inspire students toward higher learning!

Long Term Success

By introducing our community youth to college and career opportunities, students begin to see life with hope and positive change.

Short term Success:

Individuals lose sight of hope when they have no support. By introducing youth to possibilities, we create a vision for working toward goals of either a college education or a trade career alignment. 

Get Real Girl and Boys


In partnership with Planned Parenthood, students learn about body anatomy, sex education, setting boundaries and healthy relationships plus so much more...

Health & Fitness


Bootcamp, boxing, yoga, 5k races, mindfulness, fitness games and other classes.  These classes are many of our students first time being involved in weekly activity.  

Marriage ~ Power of Love Experience


Healthy marriages are key to healthy families! Cofounders, Reggie and LaChanda Dupard host an annual experience for couples to reconnect, relax and renew relationships. 

Breaking Chains Life Class


This class is designed to create a better YOU with a max of 8 -10 people and a (1) month commitment.

Health Coach:  Donetta Beasley, LCSW

Life Coach:  LaChanda Dupard 

  • Help strengthen you mentally, physically and spiritually
  • Help you look good, feel good and have more energy
  • Destroy unwanted pounds by understanding triggers and emotional eating
  • Help you set and accomplish goals
  • Meet once a week in group sessions
  • Understand nutritional value through grocery shopping
  • Eat smarter through simple cooking