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Health & Fitness


When Aisha Young joined our weekly Health & Fitness class at the Oak Cliff Boys and Girls Club, she was unable to play organized sports due to her asthma condition. 

After several months in our program participating in regular physical activities, active in our life class and adjusting her eating habits, her physician noticed remarkable improvement in her asthma and overall health and wellness. 

Aisha has been released to play organized sports again!

Mindful Relaxation


"Mindful relaxation made me feel so much better.  Made me in a better mood." 

~Miguel Mendoza

"I felt this adrenaline yet peaceful flow through my body.  The instructor asked me to say "I am strong" and as I breathed out all the knots in my chest loosened up.  I began to cry as I peacefully kept calling myself strong.  I also told myself I have a purpose, and continued to cry."  ~Emily Fallad

"I felt way better than I did before.  I felt released, confident about myself and what I have been through in my past life."  ~Keemar Roberson

Mindful Relaxation


"Mindful relaxation made me feel a form of peace and relaxation that I have never felt before." ~Cleavon Scott

"Mindful relaxation made me feel rejuvenated and free.  It gave me the opportunity to realize that I stress myself out too much and I need to take a break for my mental health."

~Karrington Gertlin

"Mindful relaxation made me feel loved." 

~ Keilan Watkins

"Mindful relaxation made me feel open minded and in a place where nobody can bring me down.  I felt like I was on top of the world." ~ Eric Sowels